BTS workshops are generally closed while we are developing a new script, though usually twice per month we offer open classes for professional actors and prospective Resident Company members. RC members are always welcome to attend any workshop and participate in the development process. Several times throughout the year, exceptional students may be invited to audition for a position in our Resident Company based on the work we see in class as well as the roles we need to fill. Join our Facebook Group to receive event invitations for upcoming classes.

New Member Auditions – Fall 2014 (invitation only)

Fall 2014 Resident Company Workshop: The BTS Playmalgam
Broadway Theatre Studio will soon begin work on its latest form of original theatre: the collaborative scene amalgamation. We’re extremely excited about this new format, as it will give every member of our Resident Company the opportunity to contribute to the production of a full-length, original work. As importantly, the project is intended to culminate in a public performance showcasing the talents of our Company, to which we will invite casting directors, agents, and producers.

The process will start with RC members being asked to contribute, either verbally or in writing, original stories drawn from their personal experiences. The creative team will then choose a selection of these stories, each dealing with a different time in life, for development into staged scenes. For example, one scene may tell a story from early childhood, another from middle age, a third may deal with death, etc. Together, the collection of scenes will trace the lifespan of an Everyman as experienced by many individuals.

BTS will workshop scenes with actors cast from our RC membership in conjunction with the original story contributors and our Resident Playwrights. When all of the scenes have been scripted, we will integrate them into a full-length production. Though the characters in each story will change, our goal is for the amalgamation of scenes to resonate with the audience as a cohesive narrative with a unified theme. The result will be a truly unique expression of life in our society based on the real-world experiences of our members.

Whether your interest lies in acting, writing, or producing, this project is sure to offer something that appeals to you!