“In 2010 I brought a first draft of my play THE ANSONIA to Broadway Theater Studio. Mr. Anthony Caporale asked if I’d be interested in workshopping the play with actors under his guidance by Broadway Theater Studio in 2011. I said yes. It turned out to be one of the most fortunate decisions in my scriptwriting career. The workshopping process, expertly conducted under the impressive direction of Mr. Caporale was an inspiring experience. But most of all, it enabled the potential of my play THE ANSONIA to be achieved. Professionally, intelligently and with proactive enthusiasm, the actors and Mr. Caporale at Broadway Theater Studio worked in unison to help me distill my playscript into its best form. BTS always encouraged me to remember the audience for whom the play is written while focusing on the clarity of what I, as the author, wanted to say. I have one word for Broadway Theater Studio and Mr. Caporale’s process. AWESOME. And I thank them with great appreciation for the opportunity.”
Jack Feldstein, playwright

“I was fortunate enough to have my musical, THE QUAD workshopped this summer and fall with Broadway Theatre Studio. BTS truly takes a unique approach to the process. They allow for space in between rehearsals so, unlike with a typical workshop/reading condensed into a week or two, the writer has time to digest and compose between sessions. I also really appreciated the fresh perspective that the experience brought to a piece that I had written several years before. Our cast was phenomenal, learning music outside of our scheduled Monday sessions and making songs and scenes come to life. Many thanks to cast and creative team!”
Zoe Sarnak, playwright/composer