BTS Academy

The BTS Academy specializes in acting classes focused on cold reading skills, dramatic technique, comedic theory, audition preparation, and monologue coaching. These programs are free to members of our Resident Company, and available to non-members at very reasonable rates. We also offer public speaking workshops for business professionals, as well as children’s classes in theatre, movement, and dance.

For those actors who would like to be invited to audition for the BTS Resident Company, invitations are based both on the work we see in class as well as the roles we need to fill. We strongly encourage interested actors to actively participate in as many classes as possible to learn as much as you can and let the creative team get the best sense of your range and type. We look forward to seeing you in class!


FREE SESSIONS (no charge, prospective members welcome)

Monologue Coaching
Audition Preparation

PAID SESSIONS (1 Workshop Credit each, no charge for Resident Company members)

Cold Reading Intensive
Tune up your skills with our cold reading specialists! This is a critical talent that many actors unfortunately do not get to work on outside of the audition room. As BTS workshops new plays, the vast majority of our reads are cold. Over the years, we’ve developed a proven toolkit to help actors deliver cold readings like they’ve been rehearsing for weeks! In this class, we cover:

  • The mechanics of cold reading
  • Developing averted vision
  • Projecting focus through the page
  • Keeping your audience engaged
  • Adding subtext without knowing context
  • Making a reading into a scene

Bringing Sides to Life
In many auditions or callbacks, you are given sides to read so the creative team can see how you work with the material to bring the characters in the show to life. Sometimes you will get the sides a few days in advance, and sometimes you get them at the audition with only a couple of minutes for review. Bringing sides to life is a crucial skill for all actors to have, and with practice combined with the knowledge of how to break the sides down and make them yours, you will be a huge step ahead of your competition! In this class, we cover:

  • The mechanics of reading sides
  • Keys to natural delivery
  • Finding beats
  • Rhythm and pace
  • Connecting with your partner
  • Parallel monologues
  • Building tension
  • Capturing the audience
  • Creating a story

Stop Acting!
Find out how much life you can bring to your character when you stop acting! We often worry about proper technique — which tools to use while performing, projection and diction, what we’re doing with our hands, movement and body positioning — yet this can sometimes get in the way of a believable portrayal. Learn how to get rid of bad habits and what you should be considering to deliver the most natural performance. In this class, we cover:

  • Inhabiting the character
  • Bringing yourself to the role
  • Adding physicality
  • What to do with your hands
  • Using your eyes
  • Let them see you think
  • Ticks, twitches, and stutters
  • Less is more

The Dramatic Monologue
It’s important to always have several good monologues performance-ready for auditions, and at least one of those should be a dramatic monologue. Performing a dramatic monologue has some added challenges over performing a comedic monologue, perhaps the most difficult being that you must win over your audience without relying on making them laugh! Learn the critical skills you need to bring interest, depth, and life to your dramatic monologue. In this class, we cover:

  • Using the negative space
  • Volume control
  • The importance of comic relief
  • The wave effect
  • Creating intensity
  • Conducting your audience
  • Finding the peak
  • Let them release

Note: Please prepare a dramatic monologue, 2 minutes or under, that you want to work on. It does not need to be memorized, but those who typically get the most out of class know their monologues very well.

Getting the Perfect Survival Job
One of the most important survival skills the working actor needs is the ability to maintain revenue between bookings. Unfortunately, very few are sufficiently prepared to find and land that perfect survival job that will pay the bills while allowing them to pursue their craft. Join us for an intensive workshop led by a business school instructor and former hiring manager that will teach you everything you need to know to get your ideal survival job! In this class, we cover:

  • Identifying the right job for you
  • Perfecting your resume
  • The 3 parts of a killer cover letter
  • What to do when nobody seems to be hiring
  • Getting an appointment
  • Pitching yourself
  • Performing the interview
  • How the employer is evaluating you
  • Working while acting

Purchase Workshop Credits
1 Credit – $35
2 Credits – $60 (15% discount)
4 Credits – $100 (30% discount)
Please print your receipt and bring with you to the class(es) of your choice.